Isela Palacios is a Mexican Latina woman and the pictures of her below are from Maxim Magazine. She participated in the Miss Bikini Universe contest and acted on a couple of shows. Isela Palacios is from Mexico and knows how to work the camera. Her smile is great nd I love her curly long black hair. Isela Palacios looks like a smoking hot Latina babe in her panties, bra, lingerie, gloves, and bikini below. Enjoy!

Isela Palacios Maxim Pictures
Isela Palacios Miss Bikini Universe Pics
Isela Palacios Mexican Girl Photos
Isela Palacios Sexy Latina Women Photos
Isela Palacios Pictures Pics

Monica Carvalho is a Brazilian actress and model who is the latest Latina woman to grace the cover of FHM Portugal magazine. Monica Carvalho has also appeared in Playboy Magazine and done some nude acting scenes. I like how she doesn't smile in any of the pictures from the photo spread below. Other than a tiny smirk on the cover shot, she gives the camera such a serious and seductive look, which is a turn on, especially coming from a sexy Latina beauty like herself.

Monica Carvalho Brazilian Model
Monica Carvalho Playboy Pictures
Monica Carvalho FHM Portugal Pics
Monica Carvalho Nude Scene Pics
Monica Carvalho Brazil Photos

Gabriela Spanic (also known as Gaby Spanic) is a Venezuelan actress who is burning up the Latin American movie scene. This sexy Latina woman was in the Miss Venezuela pageant way back in 1992, and now she is 34. Gaby Spanic has appeared in over 15 Venezuelan Latin Telenovelas in her acting career, and guess what, she has a twin sister who is also an actress and model! Every man's fantasy: two sexy latina women who are twins!

Gabriela Spanic Venezuela Pictures
Gabriela Spanic Venezuelan Pics Model
Gabriela Spanic Actress Model Photos
Gaby Spanic Sexy Latina Woman

Patricia Manterola is the oldest sexy Latina woman on our list so far, weighing in at 35 years old. She's on here for a reason though, if you look at the pictures below. I would have guessed that she wasn't a year over 26. Patricia Manterola is a Mexican actress, singer, model, and fashion designer. She is a busy woman, having recorded 7 studio albums, over 4 movies, and 10 commercials. Patricia Manterola has that sophisticated look that a lot of men like in their Latina women.

Patricia Manterola Mexican Model
Patricia Manterola Mexico Pics
Patricia Manterola Sexy latina women Pictures
Patricia Manterola Picture

Fabriella Quesada was Miss Teen International in 2002, Miss Costa Rica in 2007, and is an absolutely hot Latina woman. She is from Costa Rica and has hopes of becoming a pediatrician. She loves to dance jazz, ballet, and tap, and is six feet tall. Fabriella Quesada is 22 years old and loves to laugh with her family while enjoying a cup of coffee. Her grandmother was a big influence in her life. See pageant pics of this sexy Latina beauty below!

Fabriella Quesada Miss Costa Rica
Fabriella Quesada Pictures
Fabriella Quesada Pics
Fabriella Quesada Latina Sexy Photos

Roselyn Sanchez is a sexy Latina woman from San Juan, Puerto Rico. You may remember her wearing lingerie in Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Roselyn Sanchez has also been in over 20 other movies. Keep an eye out for Roselyn Sanchez in her latest project, "The Perfect Sleep", which should be released later this year. Even though she is unfortunately engaged (damn), I dream about this sexy Latina almost every night.

Roselyn Sanchez The Perfect Sleep Pictures
Roselyn Sanchez Rush Hour 2 Pics
Puerto Rican Sexy Latina Women Photos
Nude Pictures of Roselyn Sanchez

Eva Mendes came from the bottom and rose to the top. This Latina woman got her start in the "Miami" music video, by Will Smith. She has since starred in movies "Ghost Rider", "Knocked Up", "We Own The Night" and "Hitch". Eva Mendes was born in America, but her parents are Cuban. She is a sexy Latina and even though she is over 30, her career seems to be just getting underway. Eva Mendes has posed nude in Flaunt Magazine and refused offers from Playboy and Penthouse.

Eva Mendes Hot Puerto Rican
Eva Mendes Boobs Photos
Eva Mendes Naked Pics
Eva Mendes Sexy Latina Woman Actress Maxim

Sally Ferreira is a beautiful sexy Latina woman from Queens, New York and she is posed to go far in this industry. With her pretty face and sexy body, she has appeared in photoshoots and music videos, such as one by Bone Thugs & Harmony. Sally Ferreira's skin tone is on point and she knows how to work the camera, both with her face and her body. Keep an eye out for her because there is no doubt she will bee a big star in the future if she makes the right decisions. Chalk up another sexy Latina woman born and raised in the United States!

Sally Ferreira Video Vixen
Sally Ferreira Music Videos
Sally Ferreira Pictures Pics
Sally Ferreira Sexy Latina Women

Oh baby, Samantha Fava is hot. Some people claim that she has Latina blood in her, but I couldn't find any sources to verify or deny that. Samantha Fava looks a little latina, but the information I found says that she is from Australia. If anyone can confirm whether or not she is a true sexy Latina woman, let me know and I will replace her on this list if she is not. Samantha Fava looks gorgeous though and just started modeling at the end of last year! She has a bright future ahead of her since she is only 19. Below you can see pics of her in a magazine shoot.

Samantha Fava model pictures
Samantha Fava magazine shoot
Samantha Fava Sexy Pictures
Samantha Fava Model Sexy
Samantha Fava Looking Cute

Coming in at #20 on our list of Sexy Latina Women is Carolina Ardohain. Carolina Ardohain reminds me of Eva Longoria. They both have a similar face and wavy hair, which I think is very sexy. Carolina Ardohain is an Argentine model and actress. She was born in Argentina and her nickname is "Pampita". When you go on a date with her, you can call her that. Believe it or not, she is already 30 years old and has 2 kids. Supposedly she has a very peppy personality and is a great dancer too, as she was on the Latina version of Dancing With The Stars. This Sexy Latina Woman has got it all!

Carolina Ardohain model pictures
Carolina Ardohain Argentine pics
Carolina Ardohain Sexy Latina Women
Carolina Ardohain Pics

Aylin Mujica is another sexy latina woman over age 30, but is still rocking it hard. She looks lke she is in the prime shape of her life. This actress was born in Cuba, and started working for Telemundo in 2006 in the Telenovela, "Marina". Aylin Mujica posed nude in a Spanish magazine and has appeared in several sexy photoshoots, including one for H Magazine for men (H para Hombres). She is going to start acting in a new Telenovela in 2008. Aylin Mujica is blonde here and with her curly hair she is looking super sexy and feminine.

Aylin Mujica Cuba Pictures
Aylin Mujica Pics Cuban
Aylin Mujica Latina Photos
Aylin Mujica Nude Naked

Ana Alves is one of the sexiest Latina women in the world, and FHM magazine recognized her as the sexiest woman in Spain! What an honor, as she is a glamour model and was in the FHM calendar in 2007. You can see the pictures below from FHM Spain, that she is sultry, seductive, spicy, and a brunette that will knock your socks off. I love her hairstyle by the way, though you should be looking at her boobs and body. Ok, enough talking. Let's get to the pictures of this sexy latina girl.

Ana Alves Spain FHM Pictures
Ana Alves Spanish Pictures
Ana Alves Latina Pics
Ana Alves Non Nude Pictures


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